Student Experiences

The following articles are reflections about science conferences and professional society meetings from a student perspective, written by SPS reporters.

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by Donna Hammer, Director of Education and SPS Advisor

University of Maryland-College Park

Apr 3 2017

Talha Rehman

Berea College

Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP)

Oct 13 2016

Arpan Sharma

Veltech University

American Physical Society April Meeting

Apr 16 2016

Eli Adler

Ithaca College

American Physical Society March Meeting

Mar 14 2016

Olivia A. Krohn

California State University-Fresno

Oct 30 2015

Hannah Hamilton

Abilene Christian University

Oct 28 2015

Joseph Smolsky

University of Nebraska-Omaha

Oct 22 2015

Steven Torrisi

University of Rochester

The Optical Society of America Annual Meeting

Oct 18 2015

Amanda Landcastle

State University of New York - Brockport

International Conference of Physics Students

Aug 12 2015

Ariel Matalon

University of Chicago

International Conference of Physics Students

Aug 12 2015