Meet the 2024 SPS Interns

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Meet the 2024 SPS Interns, who will be working virtually for 10 weeks in science education, policy, and outreach internships with organizations including SPS, AIP, AAPT, APS, NIST, and Space Telescope Science Institute, May – August 2024

The 2023 SPS Intern Symposium was hosted on August 4, 2023. View their abstracts here. The Symposium is available on our YouTube Channel,

Amanda Maeglin Headshot

APS Public Engagement STEP UP intern

Brynn Schierenbeck headshot

NIST Research Intern

Charles Wszalek

APS Career Programs Intern

Charlotte Bimson headshot

AIP Mather Policy Intern

Collins Kariuki headshot

NIST Research Intern

Evan Erickson headshot

NIST Research Intern

Jaden Sicotte headshot

Space Telescope Science Institute Intern

Jenna Mastropolo headshot

AIP Mather Policy Intern

Johnny Miri headshot

AIP FYI Science Policy Communications Intern

Kaden Gammon Headshot

NIST Research Intern

Kai Hostetter-Habib headshot

AIP Center for History of Physics/Neils Bohr Library & Archives Intern

Maia Chandler headshot

AAPT/SPS Science Outreach Catalyst Kit (SOCK) Intern

Mujtaba Khalid headshot

APS Innovation Intern

Piper Malczewski headshot

NIST Research Intern

Reidyn Wingate headshot

APS Education Programs Intern

Sonja Boettcher headshot

Physics Today Science Writing Intern