Annual Chapter Reports

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Want to update your chapter's leadership or contact information? Please let us know by updating your information here.

Read the instructions below carefully and email sps-programs [at] with any questions.

Submit your Chapter Report Here!

Why submit a chapter report?

Get recognized for your good work! Chapters should consider this report as the prime opportunity to showcase the activities of their chapter. taking time to reflect on the year’s events and prepare a report is important for the health, success, and growth of the chapter. By looking back on your year, you will remember things to celebrate and keep for next year, and also see areas for improvement. In addition, your report and chapter information update is very important for the records of the SPS national office in the development of the annual SPS information handbook and new programs. Please take the time to tell us all about SPS (and sigma pi sigma) at your school. Your chapter activities may be featured in one of the SPS publications, or here on the SPS website.

Chapters that submit by June 15 will be entered into a drawing for ONE of TEN $100 gift cards for pizza!


  • Your submitted report is the basis for which the outstanding chapter awards are granted, and only those chapters that submit chapter reports will be considered. to get an idea about the criteria used for this selection process, please see the Chapter Report Rubric.
  • Only those chapters that submit annual reports are eligible to nominate their advisor for the Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award.
  • See some examples of outstanding chapter reports here.


Preparing Chapter Reports

  1. Click the link below to begin submitting your report.  Unsure of your zone? Visit the zone map.
  2. Fill out the google form for your zone. Be sure to save the unique link you will receive via the report receipt so you can access your report at a later date.  The URL may be shared with your advisor and others in your chapter. You can "submit" at any time to save work in progress, but your report won't be considered final until you date it. 
  3. Download the SPS Chapter Report Template.
  4. Open the template in Microsoft Word (or equivalent word processor).
  5. Complete the template, adding pictures, etc.
  6. Save a 'local' version for your own records.
  7. Save a pdf version, if possible, to submit to the national office.  
  8. You can edit your report up until the deadline. To indicate you are finished with your report complete the final question in the form.

Chapter Report:

Submit your Chapter Report Here!

Submitting Chapter Reports

  1. Click on the link above for your Zone.
  2. For record keeping, we ask that you provide us with some basic information about your chapter.  We will upload this information into our membership database so please be as accurate and complete as possible.
  3. While working on your chapter report, you will have to click the word “SUBMIT” in order to save your work. Please note that this does not mean you are submitting your final report to the SPS National Office. After you have submitted the form you will get an email with a sharable link you can use to access your report and make updates.
  4. All reports are due June 15 and edits will no longer be accepted after the due date.

Reports must be submitted no later than June 15 to be considered for an Outstanding Chapter Award. All chapter designations (Outstanding, Distinguished, and Notable) will be announced and updated on the SPS website each December. 

Examples of Outstanding Chapter Reports

Here are several examples of winning reports from previous years:

To see a list all of the 2021 Outstanding SPS Chapters, click here.

To see a list of some of the best practices and ideas from the 2017 chapter reports click here.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the examples as a guide for preparing your report. Several versions are available.
  • Supporting materials (for example: photos, programs, news clippings, etc.) can be uploaded directly into the report and captioned. Choose up to 5 of your best photos to upload directly to the Google form. These photos should be at least 1 MB in size.  Other photos may be embedded in the word document you upload at a lower resolution.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of your report locally.
  • If possible, please upload a PDF version of your report into the form. Saving the file as a pdf insures that reviewers will see the same formatting as the author intended. If saving as a pdf is not possible, you may upload in word format, but other formats may result in a report that does not appear as intended.