Conference Reports

SPS Members are eligible to receive Reporter Awards to travel and report on national physics meetings. The following articles are reflections about national physics meetings and science conferences from a student perspective, written by SPS reporter. .

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Sara Frederick

American Astronomical Society Meeting

Jan 4 2015

Matthew Parsons

Fusion Power Associates Annual Meeting and Symposium

Dec 16 2014

Jordan Eagle

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

Dec 15 2014

Kyle Simpson

Materials Research Society Meeting

Nov 30 2014

Marie Blatnik

Joint Meeting of the Division of Nuclear Physics of the American Physical Society and the Physical Society of Japan

Oct 7 2014

Clare Maristela V. Galon

Society of Rheology Annual Meeting

Oct 5 2014

Matthew Parsons

Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Section of the APS

Oct 3 2014

Jamison Thorne

AIP Industrial Physics Forum

Sep 28 2014

Helen Meskhidze

International Conference of Physics Students

Aug 10 2014

Christine O’Donnell, Graduate Student, University of Arizona, Tucson, 2013 SPS Intern and Toni Sauncy, former SPS Director and Chair, Department of Physics, Texas Lutheran University, Seguin

Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics

Aug 5 2014