Logos and Branding

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Following are the official logos for the Society of Physics Students (SPS) and Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society. The low resolution (72 dpi) .jpg files are suitable for online and on-screen use, and the high resolution (300 dpi) .eps files are suitable for print use. Please refer to the SPS Branding Guidelines when using the SPS logos. And, if you make a cool design and want to share it with the world, send it to us via email and we'll post the design on social media.

SPS Logo

Society of Physics Students Logo.jpg file | .eps file

Sigma Pi Sigma Logo

Sigma Pi Sigma Logo .jpg file | .eps file

Combined SPS & Sigma Pi Sigma Logo

Combined SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma Logos.jpg file | .eps file

Physics Congress (PhysCon)

Sponsored by the American Institute of Physics (AIP) and hosted by Sigma Pi Sigma, the Physics Honor Society

 2022 Physics Congress

Standard Spherical Cow (Fermi Cow)

 Spherical Cow.jpg file |

Spherical Cow in a vacuum (Space Cow)

Vacuum Spherical Cow.jpg file |

Chemical Physics Spherical Cow

Chemical Physics Cow.jpg file |

Pride Spherical Cow

Pride Cow.jpg file |

Ideal Photon (Laser Cow)

Photon Cow.jpg file |

Microscopic Spherical Cow (Nano Cow)

Microscopic Cow.jpg file |

Frictionless Spherical Cow (mu)

Frictionless Spherical Cow.jpg file |

Astronomical Spherical Cow (Astronomy Cow)

Astronomical Cow.jpg file |

Medical Physics Spherical Cow (MedPhys Cow)

Medical Physics Cow.jpg file |

Birthday Spherical Cow (Special Spherical Cow)

Birthday Spherical Cow.jpg file |


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