Funding a Zone Meeting

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Support from the SPS National Office

Thank you for agreeing to host a zone meeting at your institution. The SPS national office provides funding up to $600 to help cover the costs associated with hosting a zone meeting. 

To receive funding, please send the following information to lquijada [at] (Lydia Quijada) at least two weeks *before* your zone meeting:

1. A letter signed by the SPS advisor requesting up to $600.

  • The letter should briefly indicate how the money will be spent, include a detailed budget list, and include the submitting institution's federal tax identification number.
  • If a registration fee will be charged, please include it as income in the budget file. You can send your request by email to the lydia [at] (national office).
  • Note: SPS advisors are responsible for fulfilling these requirements. Requirements not met will incur forfeiture of future chapter funding.
  • If you would like a free SPS recruitment package sent, state so in the letter (this includes SPS brochures and various SPS branded items).

You may initiate the funding request process by e-mailing Lydia Quijada using the template below at least two weeks before your zone meeting:

Dear Lydia,

The [UNIVERSITY] SPS Chapter will be hosting a Zone Meeting for Zone [#] at [ZONE MEETING LOCATION]. This meeting will take place on [DATE].
I am writing to request $500 in funding from the SPS National Office in support of this meeting. 
The federal tax identification number for [UNIVERSITY] is [##-#######].*

SPS Chapter Advisor

*Find your federal tax identification number (a.k.a. employer identification number) by performing a google search of [UNIVERSITY NAME] + employer identification number . If you have trouble, contact Althea Gaffney (agaffney [at]

2. Upon receipt of request, an initial installment of $300 will be sent to the advisor a few weeks before the meeting.

3. After the zone meeting, to receive the final installment of funding, you must submit:

  • a) a report of the meeting, including the agenda of the meeting, a list of chapters that attended, the number of attendees, recommendations for future zone meeting planning, and a list of expenses;
  • b) at least 5 photographs with captions (feel free to share a google drive if you have one!); and
  • c) a 2 page (minimum) narrative of the event.  The narrative is different from your report because it is meant to be more fun and engaging, rather than a list of events.
    For tips on making your narrative more engaging, see our Student Reporter Guide.  Some of the info in this guide applies to students traveling to professional conferences, but a number of the writing tips in the guide apply to zone meetings too.

$300 per zone per year is also available to support chapter travel. 
Contact your AZC or ZC for details on these funds.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

lquijada [at] (Lydia Quijada)
301-209-3008 (tel)

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