Zone 13 Meeting

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In The Zone - Regional SPS Highlights

Zone 13 Meeting

SPS Highlights of the Joint Spring 2017 Meeting of the Texas Sections of SPS, AAPT, and APS


Joseph Garcia, SPS Member

San Antonio College

Zone 13 meeting attendees mingle at the opening social. Photo by Gerardo Silva

The SPS part of the meeting began with pizza and a demonstration of the prototype hydrogen fuel cell car under construction by our Motorsport Team. Afterwards, we saw an astronomy presentation in the planetarium given by Prof. Alfred Alaniz. The presentation covered the major constellations, lunar cycles, and black holes, as well as a thorough description of the conditions for an eclipse of the sun (coming on Aug. 21, 2017). Another highlight was a banquet where we met astronaut Clayton Anderson, who gave a talk on his experiences as an astronaut and how he achieved his goals. All in all, the event was well received, educational, and inspiring.

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In The Zone - Regional SPS Highlights