Individual Awards

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SPS awards are generously funded by donations from friends and alumni of SPS, and Sigma Pi Sigma members. 

SPS Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research

Given to one or more SPS members annually, awards $500 honorarium for winner and $500 for the SPS Chapter. Pays expenses for winner to attend and present a paper at the annual International Association of Physics Students (IAPS), which is usually held in Europe. Formerly known as the Outstanding Student Award for Undergraduate Research.

Applications due March 15.

Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award

Given annually to a chapter advisor who has been nominated by chapter student members. The award is a grant of $5,000 to be divided three ways: 60% to the Chapter Advisor, 20% to the Chapter, and the remaining 20% to the department.

Applications due March 15.

SPS Travel Awards

A limited number of grants, typically $200 each, are offered to help fund SPS members traveling to a national meeting of an AIP Member Society to present their research.

SPS Poster Awards

Award certificates and prizes are presented to top-ranking SPS members presenting their research at SPS sessions of some national professional society meetings, such as the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) and American Physical Society (APS).

SPS Reporter Awards

The SPS national office offers partial support, typically $200, for SPS chapters to travel and report on AIP Member Society meetings where SPS Research Sessions are scheduled. The funding is awarded to the chapter, with the mandate that funds go toward travel expenses.

Blake Lilly Prize

Given to two or more chapters and/or individuals for feedback from physics outreach programs. Open to all SPS members and chapters, for which the three-volume set The Feynman Lectures on Physics and a certificate are given. Established by the parents of the late Blake Lilly, and given in his memory.

Applications due June 15.