Physics Jeopardy

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Outreach: Physics Jeopardy!

Physics jeopardy 2018 graphic

Looking for a fun way to put your physics knowledge to the test? Physics Jeopardy is a great outreach tool for engaging other members within your department or with a nearby chapter. The downloadable PowerPoint can be used to run a full game. Questions are designed to be interesting and challenging for members of all levels. We recommend having one person be the official PowerPoint operator and a second person be the official scorekeeper/judge. Participants can be individual players (3-5) or groups with an official spokesperson. Game play should take approximately 30-75 minutes.

The 2021 Physics Jeopardy is focused around acoustics in honor of the International Year of Sound!

2021 Acoustics Themed Physics Jeopardy with rules

2018 Physics Jeopardy

2013 Versions: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Host Manual

Interested in making your own version? You can modify the template or the 2020 version, make new questions, and send a copy to SPS National at sps-programs [at] ([email protected])sps-programs [at] ( ). We'll highlight your chapter if you send us a new/modified version!

Chapter Produced Versions

These versions of Physics Jeopardy are shared by local SPS chapters. Please review the questions before using, as they are not checked by SPS National staff.

Randolph-Macon College 2018 - Rachele Dominguez

Cleveland State University 2018 - Phil Dee, Justin Flaherty, Dan Terrano, Ilona Tsuper, Aubrey Lokey


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