Week 9: Almost Done

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Sunday, July 31, 2022


Anthony Olguin

This week was spent finalizing research and preparing for the presentations next week. I finished putting together another set of tables this week and now only need to do two more tables. Spent time putting my slides together which is taking more time than I thought it would. The work is pretty much done, and I plan on spending the rest of my time here working on my presentation. SPS hosted two speakers for us interns last week. The first was with Dr. Renee Horton and she talked about her experience as a physicist. It was a great talk, and I learned a lot about being able to push through and do what you enjoy even with the obstacle’s life throws at you. The other talk was with Dr. Midhat Farooq about building resumes and applying for jobs after graduation. Both talks were great, and I learned a lot from both individuals.

Most of our events as interns happened at the end of the week. We played Jackbox and watched a movie on Friday night. We stayed in and had a good time at the dorm rather than going out. It was a relaxing night that many of us needed after the long week. Last night we went to a Korean BBQ and gorged ourselves on a delicious feast. We ate so much food but was only able to make it through half of the menu. Afterwards we went to two speakeasy bars that were around during the prohibition. The hidden rooms were cool and made you feel like you were in a bar during the prohibition. We had to ask a person on the street where the door for the first speakeasy was because it was well hidden. Tonight, we held our last potluck to get rid of any last bits of food that we can’t bring with us.

This week was long, but it also went by fast. There is still plenty to do for this last week so hopefully it doesn’t go by too quickly. I am looking forward to everyone’s presentations on Friday. We all have been sharing our projects the past 10 weeks, but it will be nice to see the end results of what everyone has accomplished. 

Anthony Olguin