Week 8: Visit to Space Telescope Science Institute

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Sunday, July 24, 2022


Anthony Olguin

This week I was able to make my first visit to the Space Telescope Science Institute building. It was on the John Hopkins campus pushed into the back. It was a beautiful campus with an amazing building. I got to see the control room that JWST was operated from. Hopefully I will be able to visit a couple more times before the end of the internship. While I was there, I started work on my final presentation. I discussed with my mentor what should be included in the presentation, and I am excited to present in two weeks.

We had a taco Monday with the other interns at the dorm. We ate tacos, danced, and listened to music for a few hours. Every person brought a part of the tacos, or something related to the party. The part of the internship I will miss the most is the potlucks we hold every other week. The next potluck is looking like a breakfast for dinner night. The plans are still up in the air so we will see how it works.

On Thursday we went on a tour of the NIST campus. We saw a few different parts of campus like a nuclear reactor, anechoic chamber, and other research that was being done on campus. We were able to see what current work is being done which was amazing. Didn’t understand half of it but it was cool to hear straight from the researchers. The nuclear reactor room was the best. We learned about the 30 different devices that are hooked up to it for measuring data. Each part is separate but is all fueled from the same reactor. It was a cool tour that really makes a student want to work for NIST after graduating.

With the 8th week coming to an end the final part of the internship is coming. Presentations are coming up on the 5th and research is being wrapped up. I look forward to the last two weeks of the summer and cant wait to see what happens!

Anthony Olguin