Week 5: Halfway There

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Sunday, July 3, 2022


Anthony Olguin

Already halfway through the internship, and so much has happened. This week flew by and blended in with last week’s events. The best part was on Tuesday when we had a potluck. A few of us made dishes that we love and used recipes from home. I made Italian zucchini boats with Italian sausage on top, quinoa, and marinara sauce. It was pretty good, along with the other unique dishes I tried that night. Afterward, a few of us went to the Lincoln memorial together to enjoy the view of DC at night. It was a great break from early in the work week.

The next event we held was a Dungeons and Dragons session. We were able to roleplay the characters we created from the previous week. It was a great session, and it was fun to see people act out their characters. We all had a great time and looked forward to the next session.

I didn’t do any of the parties for the 4th this weekend, but I do plan on seeing the parade and fireworks in DC on Monday. Most of the interns will be going, so I think it will be an excellent experience for us all to go together. Outside of the 4th and the DnD session, there wasn’t much else on the social side of this week.

For work, I made progress in running the code I was given by my mentor the previous week. It was a great feeling when the code started to work since I have been spending a lot of time just learning how it works and how to manipulate the command prompt. But it is all starting to come together, and I am looking forward to analyzing new data in the future.

Till next week!


Anthony Olguin