Week 7: Crafting Tables

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Sunday, July 17, 2022


Anthony Olguin

This week I worked on putting together data from multiple papers. I collected O/H and C/O ratio abundances for one table in a text file. Then I converted the table to a latex and fits format. It was relatively simple but there was a lot of papers to look at. It just took a lot of time to put everything together. I finished creating the data cube from the earlier work given to me by mentor from previous weeks. Finally have the code running and should be able to use with new data in the following weeks.

 On Thursday there was a lunch hosted by the AIP foundation where we talked about our personal experiences as physics and astronomy majors. I learned how money is raised at AIP to support students at SPS and at this internship. It was great to hear from the other interns about how their current position has either changed or solidified their goals after graduation. For some it even changed their views on which areas research they might want to be involved with after the internship. It was a great lunch and I appreciate the AIP foundation for hosting it!

On Friday we went to Jazz in the Garden at the outdoor sculpture garden. The event was very packed and very loud the entire time. For most of the time we were there, I couldn’t hear the jazz music at all. It ended up being a social event for the interns to just hang out and talk at the garden. Later that night a group of us went and got Ethiopian food. That was my first time eating Ethiopian before and it was good. We ate with our hands and used injera, a type of bread, to pick up the food. Anyone who hasn’t experienced this type of cuisine should try it.

 On Saturday we went to the Fiesta Asian Street Fair to celebrate and experience Asian American culture. There was lots of different foods, products, dances, and games that were going on. We spent a couple hours there before the storm that was coming in made us decide to leave.

 This week was full of experiences with the other interns, and it makes me sad to think the internship is ending in a few weeks. But there are still a few more weeks left so I plan on enjoying it with the other interns till the last day. Looking forward to report on the events that we planned for this week! 

Anthony Olguin