Week 6: Lots of Fireworks

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Sunday, July 10, 2022


Anthony Olguin

Work this week was mostly looking at code and understanding how it works. At the end I spent time putting together tables that I would be needing for the last few weeks. Wasn’t super exciting work but it was nice to finally understand the code that I have been looking at for a couple weeks. Looking forward to possibly moving on to new data to look at in week 7.

For the fourth of July a few of the interns went to the parade early in the day. We watched tons of bands and floats go by. It was cool to see so many different high school marching bands that flew in from across the country. This was probably the biggest parade I have ever seen. It seemed to go on forever and we didn’t even stay for the whole parade.

After the parade we went to the firework show later that night. That was also the longest firework show I have ever seen; I believe it went for 15 or so minutes. There were so many fireworks that the smoke was visible for a couple blocks away. While we sat on the lawn waiting for the fireworks, we played a bunch of games.

Tonight, we held another potluck at consignment (Emma and Janessa’s room). A few of use made a bunch of dinner and dessert dishes that were amazing. We all made dishes that were different from the last potluck, so it was a whole new round of food to try. I just made a basic stir fry I got from an online recipe that I modified a little. Others made dishes from their home country which tasted much better than mine.

That is the summary for this week, it wasn’t as busy as previous weeks, but it was still eventful. Definitely looking forward to these last few weeks. Till next week!

Anthony Olguin