Week 8: Documentation and Experimentation

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Sunday, July 25, 2021


Kirk Kleinsasser

Since I finished my program according to our original goals last week, I started work on my analysis this week. My advisor and I are considering the best way to present our findings visually. I have created excel functions to calculate relevant of keywords based on the total quantity of listings by each filter. This will help us with some visualizations and I also made some graphs with this data. In addition, I am experimenting with word clouds and pie charts as potential representations of results.

This week was very light on meetings. Our SPS intern colloquium had to be postponed, so I simply had some check-ins and my word. I spent a day or two improving and simplifying my code as I added proper documentation. This allowed me to add some important functionality and expose certain parts of the code for easy maintenance. I hope I will have time to return and add more features. Now that I cleaned it up and reduced redundancy, the only essential programming steps that remain are to properly package the program and manage installing dependencies. I will return to this task after I have a chance to get more progress on my results!


Sylphrena Kleinsasser