Week 7: Improvements and Intermittent Interruptions

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Sunday, July 18, 2021


Kirk Kleinsasser

This week, I finished my data processing application. I’m very excited, as I found an alternative database system that greatly speeds up queries and is much easier to package into a portable application! It can now perform all the functions we had originally planned to commit, but I want to make a number of modifications to expand capabilities and reduce risk of user error. These are low priority as I start my analysis, but I will work on this on the side.

Since the application can now perform the work required for my analysis, I started to work with that data this week. My advisor and I used the data processing application to obtain the most common words in all APS job postings to date and selected the most interesting to analysis. We will use this data to find relevant trends and relationships within job postings.

Unfortunately, I have been having power outages in my area and was interrupted mid-meeting twice this week. I have had five outages in the past month! Hopefully, these storms will pass and leave me to my work!

This was another week with minimal meetings, but I met with Crystal Bailey, the head of the APS Careers Programs, to show her my progress. I also join the other SPS interns at a resume workshop. Both were a great time!


Sylphrena Kleinsasser