Week 5: More Bug Hunting!

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Sunday, July 4, 2021


Kirk Kleinsasser

This week felt a little slower, as I ran into a fair number of bugs in my project. I managed to finish a major module in my code and make great headway into another! I can now import job data into my program and perform basic searches. Next, I will enhance the searching capabilities and add functionality to find relevant terms that appear often in the job data. I need to finish one more after the current one, then I should be able to get going on analysis and start my analysis!

I had less meetings this week, but I did have the chance to join the monthly APS Careers department meeting for teambuilding and introductions. I had a fun time and I look forward to future meetings like that! I’m also very excited for next week, as the SPS Interns will be attending a virtual 4th of July Picnic on Thursday!

I also got materials for the SPS Physics Demonstration contest, so I am very excited to start working on that project. I’m hoping my idea will work out as I plan, but I have some backups if there are any issues!


Sylphrena Kleinsasser