Week 10: Wrapup

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Sunday, August 8, 2021


Kirk Kleinsasser

It’s really hard to believe my time as a SPS intern is over. This past week was jammed packed with final preparations, practice, last minute documentation, and final meetings. I’m truly sad to see my internship come to a close, but all good things must end. I was very pleased with how my presentation turned out—I was a little worried, as I only had an outline at the end of last week. However, I think it really came together after I added all my result visualizations, and tuned my talk with input from peers and mentors. I also finished some final points with my program early this week, mainly compiling and packaging the code into a contained windows MSI executable, compiling for mac, fixing final bugs, final documentation, and making setup scripts for future development. It truly was the busiest week of my summer!

I cannot express enough gratitude for everyone involved in making my summer what it was—but I especially appreciate all the support and hard work from my mentor, Midhat Farooq, and all the folks at APS. Our check-ins were always encouraging and she kept me on track this summer. I felt welcomed and included throughout my time at APS. This project and the people involved have shed some light on the type of work I wish to pursue in the future. I would be honored to find myself in a workspace such as this once I have completed my academic path.

Additionally, I want to express my sincere thanks to all those at AIP who pulled everything together—Brad Conrad, Kayla Stephens, Kayla Stephens, Marshall Ott, and everyone else behind the scenes. Thank you to all of my fellow interns for their awesomeness, I will miss our Monday hangouts. This project was an absolute blast, and the company was unrivaled. It was a great pleasure to work with all of you, and I look forward to meeting at PhysCon and/or the SPS National Council meeting this spring.


Sylphrena Kleinsasser