Week 7: Webinar Ramp Up!

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Sunday, July 19, 2020


Jack Moody

Yet another action-packed week here at APS Careers! It is sad to think my internship is in the back half and starting to finish up, but I am so proud and happy to be a part of all of these amazing projects. Midhat and Crystal make me feel like a true member of the team, and I am so grateful for that! 

The biggest breakthrough this week was on my webinar! I was able to complete an almost finalized draft of the slides I’m going to present and Midhat is helping me put on some finishing touches. We also adjusted the outline of the talk given to help the slides flow better. Besides that, I have been practicing the talk on my own to better understand the flow and to prepare for two separate practice runs next week, one with Midhat and the other with our Careers team. I am so excited about this webinar! 

Shape Up is also rounding out nicely, pun intended. Midhat and I provided some last-minute feedback/ touch-ups on the first round of emails that are set to go out for our “soft launch”. We also decided to limit the initial audience of our emails to ensure they are working the way that we intend them to. We will gauge this from the feedback/ data we receive from our audience. That way we can make adjustments to the product, if need be, before making it a widely available APS Careers product. The banner was also finalized and it came out so well! 

This week also saw some forward progress on the redesign of the physicist profile website! Midhat and I have been in contact with the Web team and are working out the finer details of the redesign before it’s implemented. I have also been putting together a list of people I want to contact for the next round of profiles I want to write. 

This was also a very fun week socially! I was able to attend a happy hour where we talked all about astrology, I definitely learned a lot! I was also honored to attend a talk by Dr. John Mathers hosted by SPS which was incredibly inspiring! I also recorded a demo video of how a nuclear reactor works for the AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers) Demo Competition for this month's meeting with the help of my brothers and mom. My family also had some baby Guinea Keets hatch, which will be great for keeping the ticks and spiders down at our farm. 

However, the most important thing to happen this week for me, besides my activities at APS, was the “Virtual Branch Orientation” events hosted by the different branches within the Army. All 17 basic branches held live video sessions this week where senior cadets in ROTC and at USMA were able to learn more about what each branches mission is within the larger Army, what a day in the life is like, what roles lieutenants fulfill, and what duty stations you can expect to be at throughout your time in the Army. It was incredibly helpful, interesting, and informative! I must say Cyber, Military Intelligence, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) are definitely at the top of my list! Now I have to prepare for the interview phase, which will start hopefully next week. I am incredibly excited about this next step in my life and to see where the Army takes me. 

While my time at APS is starting to wind down, the momentum is definitely not slowing! I am trying to make the most out of my last few weeks here and look forward to seeing the role out of all the projects I am participating in.


Jack Moody