Week 10: That's a Wrap!

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Monday, August 10, 2020


Jack Moody

Well, that’s all folks! This will be my last blog post as an SPS intern. This has been an amazing experience! I could not be more grateful for this opportunity to give back to the physics community and to participate in so many fantastic activities at APS Careers.

Helping with a webpage redesign, writing and hosting my own webinar, helping create an on-going email series, and getting published in APS News has awarded me many new skills and perspectives. I am hoping to take all these new lessons and apply them in the future in both the Army and in future physics endeavors. 

I have to specifically thank Midhat Farooq for her guidance throughout this internship, her leadership style is exemplary and I hope to lead as effortlessly as she does one day. I also have to thank the APS communications team, APS web development team, Crystal Bailey, Kayla Stephens, Mikayla Cleaver, and Brad Conrad for their help and support throughout this internship. You have all been so welcoming and made me feel like a member of the community from day one. I am excited to work with you all again in the future, either at SPS or APS events! 

I also have to thank my fellow interns for amazing group me conversations, having so many inspiring ideas, and hosting bad physics movie nights.

As this internship comes to a close, I return to a tumultuous senior year of college. But, I am sure everyone will preserve in the end and I hope everyone reading this is finding themselves safe and healthy. I will be continuing my research for the Jefferson Lab at UMass as well as completing my senior thesis at UMass in conjunction with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)! I am very humbled and excited to see where this process goes and to see what the future holds for me, both in my physics and Army career! Please feel free to reach out to me over LinkedIn if you are an aspiring future intern at SPS or have any questions at all about my time here at APS, I would be happy to help however I can! 

Stay safe everyone, thank you for reading.


Jack Moody