Week 6: Finishing Up Shape Up

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Sunday, July 12, 2020


Jack Moody

This was another action-packed week here at APS Careers. I feel like a lot of progress is being made and I’m really enjoying the projects I’m working on. 

This was a great and productive week for the Shape Up email series! We continued our revamp from our original ideas and decided to break down our longer emails into a series of shorter ones for easier digestibility. We also continued drafting and finalizing the first set of emails that will hopefully be coming out very soon. The graphics team has also started to come up with visuals such as banners and clip art for us, which is exciting!

My webinar also had notable progress this week. Midhat and I walked through my initial outline and have finalized the flow/ talking points for the most part. I have also begun making the initial draft of my presentation slides and they should be edited by early next week. I am so excited to be giving this talk and I hope it becomes a go-to resource for undergraduate advisors and their students! 

While the Shape Up series and the webinar have been absorbing most of my time for the past two weeks, there has been some progress on the physicist profiles. The web team has gotten back to Midhat and I, indicating that they hope my webpage redesign will be done by the time I give my webinar, which will be helpful. I also have begun collecting graphics for my first profile. As Shape Up begins to wind down, the profiles will begin to have more room in my schedule. Much more to come! 

This was also a surprisingly more social week than I had anticipated. I went to a happy hour with other members of the programs department, which was a blast! I also went to the SPS Virtual Picnic with the other SPS interns, where we had a lot of delightful conversations and got to know each other better. There was also a science policy roundtable hosted by SPS that was very informative! Besides physics things, I spent a decent amount of time with my family playing games and hanging out. I also spent a lot of time preparing for the “Virtual Branch Orientation Week” that is about to be hosted by the various branches (the army’s word for jobs) in the army so that us senior cadets can make informed decisions about what branch we want the most and what we think we can succeed in. I am super excited to hear from all the branches and to learn more about what my future army career could look like! 

I’m very happy with all the work I am doing right now and am excited to see where the webinar and the profiles go next as Shape Up begins to wind down. I’m also excited about virtual branch orientations for ROTC coming up next week!


Jack Moody