Week 5: Shape Up Week

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Sunday, July 5, 2020


Jack Moody

This was a short but chaotic week here at APS Careers. The long and short of it is that this week can “kindly” be called, Shape Up week...The email series had a very tumultuous timeline that took up far more headspace than Midhat or I predicted. But beyond that, it was a light week with the 4th of July being observed on Friday and APS wanting us to have as few meetings as possible. 

There were many ideas thrown around trying to redesign the layout, timeline, content, and audiences for the Career Shape Up emails this week. Most of it was hard to navigate due to there not being a clear and concise mission for what this product was supposed to be. So, as a careers team, Midhat, Crystal, the marketing team, and I all got on a zoom call and had a long discussion about the purpose of these emails and where they fit in the larger mission of APS Careers. This was, thankfully, a fruitful discussion that helped clear up some major points. 

After this meeting, Midhat and I got to work refining the previous emails that we had written with a fresh perspective. A signup sheet/ questionnaire was also designed and a new email for one of our audiences was drafted. We are hoping to start rolling out these emails as soon as possible. 

Sadly, the physicist profiles were put on the backburner this week due to the unexpected amount of time the shape up emails took up. However, we will hopefully be setting up a meeting with the web team soon to see where the page redesign is in terms of the role out and I will continue drafting my first profile next week.

There is good news for the webinar though! With a timeline finalized for Midhat and I to ensure key tasks are accomplished on time for the webinar, I was able to create an outline for the talk that is now waiting for revisions. I am so excited for this opportunity and to see where it goes! 

This was a more lowkey week for social engagement for me. I mostly spent time with my family but I did take a drive up to Falmouth, MA to go get dinner with a few of my friends in ROTC that I had not seen in a long time. It was great to catch up with them! This past weekend I did not do too much either besides spending time with my family, barbequing in our back yard, and going on a few long runs at a hiking trail near my house. My family and I did not think it would be the best idea to visit the local Rhode Island beaches this weekend, due to the uptick in coronavirus cases. 

Overall, this was a bit of a tumultuous week for my internship, but this upcoming week will be a ton of fun and I cannot wait to get back in the swing of things! I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday weekend!


Jack Moody