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The Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a chapter-based society that exists to help students transform into contributing members of the professional community. As a member of SPS National, you have unique access to all programmatic benefits and resources. Through your membership, you are eligible to apply for outreach awards/resources, travel and reporter awards to attend professional conferences, the SPS Internship Program, scholarships, and much more! In addition, you have access to a number of professional publications and professional development resources. Your SPS National membership also helps connect you to a larger network of physics and astronomy undergraduate students, alumni, and faculty.

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SPS is a great community that can help you navigate your undergraduate and professional career. SPS National is here to help you – if there are other ways you wish to engage your local, regional, or national community, please reach out to us at SPS-programs [at] This page provides an overview of the unique offerings available only to SPS National Members. For a full list of SPS National benefits, click here.