Week Two: Exploring the City

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Friday, June 9, 2017


Michael Forkner

It is the end of my first full week at The Optical Society (OSA). So far I absolutely love my team members, as well as all the staff at OSA. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly and I feel like I have worked here for much longer than a week and a half. So far I have done a wide array of tasks including reviewing and dispersing grants, writing questions for a panel on biomedical optics, and starting to revise and design materials for OSA's Optics for Kids website. I am most excited about working on the website because I will hopefully be making materials to help educators teach optics in the classroom to young students. 

Besides work, I have been out exploring the city. Almost every night after work, after I finished up my homework and other responsibilities, I would go find a restaurant to have a few drinks outside or a place to walk around in the beautiful weather. Sadly, I know that all too soon the weather will turn hot and humid and all I will want to do is find air conditioning.

 Last Friday we did outreach at the national mall. I really enjoyed getting to tell little kids about gravity and explain one of the fundamental aspects of our universe. As exhausting as it is, outreach to the next generation of scientists one of the most important things we can do. Coming up in my next blog I will be sharing my experience at the DC Pride!


Outreach on the mall!

Michael Forkner