Week Three: Pride, End of Finals, and a Murder Mystery!

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Friday, June 16, 2017


Michael Forkner

This week has been absolutely packed full of activities. Last weekend was DC pride, which was an amazing experience. My intern host, The Optical Society, is along the parade route, so they hosted a pride party and invited all the SPS interns. Last year, I was in the Portland pride parade, but DC goes all out for pride and it was more fun to just watch the parade with some friends here than it was to be in it back home. The next day, we went to the pride festival. It was really fun to see everyone out and expressing themselves. Coming from Oregon, we have a saying "Keep Portland Weird", because there is never any judgement and people can be who there are, and it felt a little like home walking around the festival.

This week I finished the last of my finals and final projects so as of tomorrow I officially have my Bachelor’s of Physics. It feels great to be done with undergrad, especially since I was missing school to be out in DC. Now it is time to start to focus on GRE prep and looking into graduate programs.

Right after I finished my last final, OSA had its yearly staff outing. This year, we went over to a restaurant and had a murder mystery lunch. The lunch was a great way for me to meet more staff around OSA. We all had to interact and try to gather clues to solve the murder at the billionaires club. Some people got really into the acting and everyone had a good time. 

Michael Forkner