Week Four: Blogs on Blogs on Blogs

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Friday, June 23, 2017


Michael Forkner

This week I spent two days attending an incubator that OSA hosted. The incubator, which was a series of roughly 30 talks followed by discussion between 50 specialized scientists, was on Integrated Semiconductor Quantum Photonic Devices. While the talks focused on high-level technical detail, I was able to learn a lot of the field of quantum devices over the two days. Part of my attendance was to write for the Discover OSA blog. I wrote one blog on each day of the event, which can be found here: Day 1Day 2. Writing is not my forte so this has been a good experience for me to work on a necessary skill.

Besides the incubator, I also wrote another blog on the Speakeasy Science Program. The Speakeasy Science Program was founded as part of a grant from AIP to educate the public on why they should want to know more about science. As scientists, we do a poor job of communicating with the public, when we cannot be supported without the publics belief that science really matters. You can read my blog on the Speakeasy Science Program here.

Next week I will be attending another incubator, this one on Materials for Optomechanical Actuation and writing another two blog posts on that. So far I have greatly enjoyed my time at OSA, and cannot believe that a month has already gone by.




Michael Forkner