Week 9: Published at Last, Thrifting, Black Bird and Discovery

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Sunday, July 31, 2022


Gizem Dogan

My first Physics Today story is now published!

After weeks of research, interviews, and editing the Physics Today update I've been working on since the beginning of my internship is not published online. What an incredibly exciting week this has been. I was quick to share this achievement with my family, friends, and professors and received many congragulatory texts and emails. Only a day proceeding the publishing of "Microcomb enhances silicon photonic chip" my story on the International Physics Olympiad 2022 also went online after the coipyediting stage. I am now recaping what a fruitful internship this has been and feeling very grateful for the people I've met and others who made this opportunity a reality for me.

Having said that... This was the week preceding the last week of my internship. So i mostly dedicated the week to finishing up the latest edits of my update and story. I've started translating and transcribing my interview with the Turkish physicist Erkcan Ozcan whom i've been a fan since high school. The interview will be published under PT's Q&A and people section. I have been spending more time with my intern friends, trying to cherish the last of times we have together in DC. My 21st birthday is also approaching so as you can see there is a lot of closings and new beginnings awaiting me in August.

With a friend visiting from Mass, we went to visit the Air and Space Museum in Virginia that is the home of the space shuttle Discovery, The fastest spy figther jet Black Bird, and the plane that dropped the atomic bomb in Japan Enola Gay. It was exhilirating to witness the history and be in the presence of a space shuttle and the beautiful Black Bird. It re-enforced my desire to go to graduate school in Aerospace in the future. 

With the same friend I touristed in DC again and took in its beauties in broad dayligth and late at night time. I know I will live in this city one day.

Nearing the end...

See you soon to talk about the last week! (Maybe)

Gizem Dogan