Week 6: Political Roast, Bike Ride to Alexandria, House of Cards, Almost Done With Update

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Sunday, July 10, 2022


Gizem Dogan

Although the week started out humid and rainy, DC recovered quickly!

This week was the week of reconnection. I completely coincidentallly bumped into a college friend at Blue Bottle at Georgetown and decided grab dinner together. I learned one of my closest highshool friends is coming from Boston to visit me next week. And DC recovered to have its usual sunny weather,which I am used to from back home. 

Good news is that I am done with the major edits of my update and feel very confident moving ahead. I definitely learned an incredible amount of information about how microcombs work and what type of photonic systems are possible as a result. Although I was hesitant to write about such a complex and technical paper at first I am glad I took on the challange and pushed through. I also had a second interview for the Physics Olympiad story I am working on and got to meet the US team, which I was very excited about. Back in Turkey it is a huge deal to go to the international olympics let alone get a medal so I must say I was a little starstruck by the sheer amount of intelligence present on that zoom call. 

This weekend was the most fun I had in a long time. I got to stay in on Friday watching the House of Cards the entire night. I mean I am in DC what could be more appropriate? And later I played the Walking Dead video game with a friend I was staying with. Although all of this was to gather more than enough energy for Saturday to go out and have fun. I must say, although Ultra is not the best bar in DC, time spent with friends make up for it. Later we came back and made a ton of food at 3am in the morning. Somehow the food was more delicious than usual.

Sunday felt like a vacation. We biked from Georgetown to Alexandria and stopped at Gravly Point to watch the planes fly above and land at Raegan. Although the bike ride was more than a half hour long the riverside route we took provided for a peaceful path. Later we decided to take the metro back to DC Improv Club to watch a political roast between AOC, Trump. Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elon Musk, Putin, and many more public figures. I must say it was the weirdest comedy show I've ever witnessed, although the Trump and Putin comedians were hilarious but of course they had a lot more to work with than mnay others.

More to come next week!

See you soon...

Gizem Dogan