Week 7: A Busy Friday, Asian Street Festival, Egusi with Fufu, The Untitled

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Sunday, July 17, 2022


Gizem Dogan

It was a busy Friday! 

When I say busy, I mean 9am to 4pm three consecutive editorial meetings type of Friday. This was my second time attending Physics Today editorial meetings and once again I am pleasently surprised by how far ahead we are planning for and the work ethic of each and every editor that deems this possible. For every section, news, features, stories, we start nominating article or news ideas for months ahead, of course once the next months writer assignments are confirmed. I am hoping that I will be lucky enough to be a part of this type of a team in my future work life.

Unfortunately, the editorial meetings that ran untl late in the afternoon didn't let me join other interns in the Jazz in the Garden at the National Sculpture Museum but I was still able to catch a Nationals game right after at around 8pm. Needless to say, they lost. Once again, but we will continue to support them no matter what. Another update from work before I forget, is that after working on the third floor of ACP for seven weeks Taylor, Lucy, Justin, and I finally found the switches that turn on the hallway lights right above our cubicles. Success!

On Saturday we visited the Asian Street Festival on Penn Av between 3rd and 6th streets and tried out a variety of delicious food. Justin was kind enough To later introduce us to a dancing game from Philliphines. And we got to enjoy many Asian dance performances and songs.

Washington keeps bringing me surprises! I bumped into yet another friend from Bowdoin doing work at Blue Bottle. Thank god she took that right turn and went down that alleyway, otherwise I wouldn't have known about her involvement in Georgetown's The Fringe Theatre Festival. Three other friends and I got the chance to watch Ellie perform her one woman comedy show The Untitled in front of a full audience. She was brilliant, switching from one accent/character to another ina split second, giving the audience a glimpse of the New England life that we are very much familiar with from college. 

Late Sunday, I was craving a West African dish called egusi with fufu that my uncle used to make when I was only in middle school. Egusi is a soup that you can get either with fried fish or goat meat. And fufu is made with some rice flour of sorts. You take a piece of fufu and dip it in the Egusi soup and voila! Magic happens. We found a West African restaurant at Adams Morgan called Bukom Cafe and it didn't dissapoint. I am aiming to try out food from many different cultures before I leave!

More on the next week's blog!

See you soon...


Gizem Dogan