Week 9: Fruitful Week

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Sunday, July 31, 2022


Saksham Prajapati

Almost end of our internship. My work at my internship was almost done as well. All I had left was some documentation. While I was writing all of those down, I realized I could make the program even easier for other people and therefore I updated my script. Beside this, I was working on my presentation and had a small practice talk with  my mentors (Allie, Claudia and Nicole). I got some feedback to improve my slides which I have been working on since then. Also, I showed my mentors how to work on those scripts for their upcoming public engagement program (Physicists To Go) this fall. I still need to present this script with Phoebe who was busy this week. Will be doing it this week. 

I am not a morning person but I woke up at 7 on Monday to get a ticket of Holocaust Museum for the same day. I was lucky to get one for the evening. Then obviously, I went back to bed. On the same day we, interns, met Dr. Reene Horton from NASA. She was absolutely amazing. Energetic! Her talk was motivational and inspiring. 

Later in the evening, I went to Holocaust Museum. Once the  elevator went up and opened the door, I could feel the sadness roaming around those rooms. I don’t know what to say. I guess, my experience was horrifyingly beautiful. Also, there were some new exhibits showing the genocides at Burma. This happened in 2016 (just recently)  and I had never heard about this. 

This was one of the pictures at the Burma’s Genocide Exihibit at the Holocaust museum. I was thinking how traumatized those children were. This is so sad. The disturbance in those innocent arts. 

Tuesday we had a breakfast themed potluck. We are enjoying doing this. We even had one today (on Sunday). 

Apparently, I was not able to post my last week’s blog. I talked with Mikayla and she had to contact Tom Connell. I believe he is the IT person at SPS. Finally on Wednesday, my blog was posted, which I did not do myself either. I  had to send my blog to him and he posted it for me. I am not sure I will be able to post for this week. I will try using VPN this time because my IP was blocked last week. 

On the same day, we continued our DnD session. This week will be our last DnD session. Excited for the finale. 


Thursday, we all met with Midhat from APS. She showed us how to write a resume and some major differences between a resume and a CV. Later, some of us went to the Wharf. That place was amazing. After sunset, it looked more beautiful. We went to Shake Shack. Loved their chicken sandwich. It was so fresh. But I didn't like my Hibiscus lemonade. After lunch, we went to an event where they were showing ‘the Goonies’. After around half an hour, rain almost soaked all of us. Shelter underneath the tent was not  enough to hold the storm. Once the rain was over, we all came back home. 

Saturday in the morning, I went to see the National Cathedral. I took a bus and it went through the beautiful town of Georgetown. That place looked so pretty, I would wanna try roaming over there sometime this week. The National Cathedral was stunning. It was huge and beautiful. 

Next, I met up with Emma, Janessa and Taylor to visit around the Smithsonian. We went to the Asian Art Museum and the Modern Art Museum. Both places were amazing. 

Next stop was the Korean BBQ. I regrouped with other interns who were going to Iron Age for the Korean BBQ. We had 90 mins and we could order as much as we wanted. But if we had left some, we would have to pay extra. Justin was spot on with ordering. It did not even take him a second to order for the group. The food was incredible. I did my best to use those chopsticks. 

Then we once  again grouped with Emma and other people and went to a bar  around Georgetown. We just wanted to explore as much as we could. 

Today, we had brunch at the Crepeaway and continued our tour of the Smithsonian. We are running out of time and it feels like we have a  lot of things left to do. Not sure about being excited, for the final presentation, or sad, because this will be our last week. 


It is past 2 am now, gotta brush my teeth. See you all one more time next week. 


Saksham Prajapati