Week 7: Deck on the Desk

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Sunday, July 17, 2022


Saksham Prajapati

This week I tested my program with our last year’s physicists and teachers data. I had to edit/add some columns to match our newly designed signup form. The program was working nicely. will be meeting with my supervisor next and see if I need to add something more for the final program. Since the program was working, I decided to make it more easier/readable for other users as well. I started my documentation for the program and will continue to work on it.

Finally I am done with my Psychology class!! Today I finished my last 2 tests and I am done with this class. I still have 2 more weeks with Anthropology but it is nice that I will have a lot more time to work on it. 

On Thursday, we had a beautiful lunch time with the AIP Foundation Team. It was great listening to their life journey and experience. Then on Friday, most of us went to Jazz at the park around the Smithsonian. We could barely listen to the music. It seemed like there was a mass picnic going around. All were busy with their own stuff and we could barely hear the sound of jazz music. The best thing was the Sangria drink, it was wonderful. Then, we just went home and watched a movie together. On the same day, Janessa had her first publication and we all shared a shot to celebrate it. 


Yesterday we went to an Asian Street Festival near the Capitol. There was a Nepali food truck as well and I was very excited to try them. We got some momos (it is a Tibetan word). But it was not as good as it was supposed to be. I am glad everybody else loved it. Then we roamed around for a while until raindrops fell on me. We then rushed towards the nearest metro and got home.


I had never had root beer float until yesterday. Anthony wanted me to try this drink and he brought beer later in the evening to make root beer float for all of us. It was simple to make; only vanilla ice cream mixed with the root beer. It was delicious.


Later I showed a card trick to Janessa. She made me do it 5-6 times, even twice with blind-folded. At the end, she finally got me. Justin showed us a poker style UNO game. It was fun to play. It is like poker but all the rules of poker don't apply to it. Similarly, we played slap-jack as well. 

We then decided to do some karaoke. Eventually, we decided to sing our international songs. I tried to sing my Nepali song while Justin sang his Filipino songs. Then Janessa joined with her spanish song and Nicole with her chinese song. Taylor was shining that night with his amazing German Song. We had an amazing night. 

Saksham Prajapati