Week 8: Danger Aborted

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Saksham Prajapati

So, there was some change of plans with our matching project. I had to update my coding to match this new idea and that’s all I did for this week’s work. After that, I have been working on the documentation of those programs and will continue working for the upcoming week. Monday was the taco potluck. We all brought different ingredients for the tacos and made tacos for the evening. I made some margaritas as well, Ben brought tequila and I had the mixer. The evening was Spanish themed. There were Spanish songs on the playlist by Janessa. She also showed us some Mexican dance. I am surprised how much they spin while dancing. Tequila and spin dance!?

Tapas Interns enjoying tapas

On Thursday, we all interns went to NIST. We got a chance to see where our friends were working this summer. The Anechoic chamber was amazing. I watched this in a youtube video from Veritasium, but it was just virtually. Being there in person was so surreal. It felt like I was wearing noise canceling headphones. We had some lunch after that and continued our NIST tour. Most of the NIST’s buildings were underground. Almost upto 6 floors. Serious research was going on for sure. We got a chance to see and learn about research on graphene and neutrons. I didn't quite understand most of the things they were talking about but looking at those works seems pretty cool. Thanks to Dr. Joe Kopanski, the man behind this tour.

Interns at NISTIntern identity

On Friday, we had an amazing talk with Brad regarding jobs and grad studies related to Physics. This was much needed for me. Now, it is becoming more clear what I will be looking for after my graduation. Also, I had no idea that a resume and CV were 2 different things. Totally got it now. Resume is only one page but CV can have multiple pages Then, Dr. Alexander from GWU showed us the table where the man behind the Big Bang theory worked, George Gamov. After that, we all got together at Quigley’s for happy hour.

Interns having lunch

Saturday, we packed our towels and snacks for the beach. I was trying to learn how to swim but jellyfish had some other plans for us. Just after 5 mins when we got into the water, some of our friends (Lucy, Taylor C and Taylor O.) got stung by jellyfish. We then, from the shore standing, just watched the jellyfish chilling in the cold water during this hot summer. We played some games: badminton, frisbee and UNO over there. We went back home and I took a nap. Later on at night, some of us went to Mad Hatter.

PS: I shared a Nepali song with other interns. Here is the name: Straight Outta Kathmandu by Bluess Ft. Unique Poet & MC Dave.

See ya next week!

Saksham Prajapati