Week 8: No breaks this time

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Friday, July 26, 2013


Jose "Ro" Avila

This week has been full of activities. As the internship comes to a close, we have to start thinking and working on our final presentation, finish documents, and organize things, such as tours. On Friday, we went to the NIST tour, which was very interesting. We saw the nanolab, pictures of atoms, latest-in-technology machines, microscopes, etc. It was thrilling to see the advancement of technology in all different areas of science. That afternoon I went with Dayton to the event called Jazz in the Garden, which is right next to the National Gallery of Art; there’s a big pond, a jazz band, and a restaurant inside. It was very nice to spend some time there listening to music. Then, we went to a food truck festival, where we ate some sandwiches, and spent couple hours walking around. The next day some of us went to the Spy Museum, which was a good experience, since I learned quite a bit about some old artifacts used to spy, as well as information on spying, and its origin couple thousand years ago. On Sunday, I went to the National Gallery of Art, and went with couple interns to have lunch at the bottom of the Native American Museum. Although really amazing, the National Gallery of Art is so big that I may have to go back for a second visit.

And so, our eighth week started… It was a productive week. I finished the documents on online job postings for physics and STEM, and also the documents on physics and STEM career information. Then, I started working on a document on resumes, and their organization and layout. This is a very difficult but useful document, since it is an important resource for physics students when searching and applying for a job. I had a meeting as well with Elizabeth and Kendra, where we talked about the CUP page and the new format for the website, and information that we will include. Hopefully we can see some changes before the summer is over! I have been trying to set up a couple of informational interviews; with some luck, next week I’ll be able to perform some. Today we have the Capitol Hill tour, and I am very excited to see what they have to show us. Learn more about it in my next journal!

Jose "Ro" Avila