Week 7: Slow week, fast week

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Friday, July 19, 2013


Jose "Ro" Avila

The landscapes one can see on the trip to Charlottesville, Virginia are beautiful. There are a lot of fields, crops, and little valleys. Even though the bus left from Union Station in DC one hour late, I really enjoyed the trip and the view. I got to Charlottesville around 4pm, and went to the hotel where I stayed with my uncle. We talked for nearly 10 hours, had a late lunch and dinner, and came back to DC the next day around 11am.

This week has been somewhat slow at work, since two of my bosses were out of town on a business trip. Therefore, I wasn’t able to do much progress on the documents I was working on. However, I had a meeting with Kendra, who reviewed my work, and suggested new projects to do.  Now I am trying to set up a couple of informational interviews (in-face and by telephone) before the summer is over. I have been researching and trying to contact some civil engineers, since that’s my interest for my master’s education. Hopefully next week I can organize an informational interview with someone, and then write a report and see how accurate the document I created on informational interviews is.

I am organizing a State Department tour for the last Tuesday we will be here. Unfortunately the 7th floor fine arts tour of the diplomatic rooms will be closed for restorations during that time, but we might be able to see everything else.

Yesterday, we went to a Greek place to eat lunch that had different types of food, and it was really good. We visited the University of Maryland as well, since a friend needed to pick up some ILL books. Today, we will be attending the NIST tour Alexandra organized for us, and I am very excited to see all sorts of interesting stuff. You’ll hear more about it on my next journal.

P.S. The heat is unbearable, we’re looking forward for next week, since ‘they’ claim it will be less warm.

Jose "Ro" Avila