Week 6: NASA Tour

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Friday, July 12, 2013


Jose "Ro" Avila

This has been a short week, and just like the previous ones, it has flown by. However, on Tuesday, we had our first workplace tour – at NASA!

First, we saw “science in a sphere,” where the person controlling the simulation showed us the plane traffic, weather, how the water will rise in 20 years from now, and some other interesting things. We spent quite some part of the tour with Dr. Mather and Dr. Ted Gull. They took us to where the centrifuge is, which can rotate at an acceleration of 30g, or 30 times the speed of gravity. The tour ended with Alec and Darren showing us their workplaces, what they have done, and what their goal for the summer is. We then went to Ben’s Chili Bowl, a famous place on U. Street, and we had some delicious burgers, French fries, and hot dogs.

On the other hand, I have been working on ideas for the Careers Using Physics (CUP) website. I am finding information on the SPS website, and other websites, to include in the CUP page. Elizabeth gave me the HTML version of the website, so I could move, edit, delete, or add information to the website, with the goal of making the website more useful, attractive, engaging, and resourceful.

I have been going over the common job titles document with Roman, and working as well on two other documents. These two other documents refer to the job postings in Physics and STEM careers, and the other one is about Physics and STEM career information, which include links to websites full of useful resources.

I am looking forward to this Saturday, since I will be going to Charlottesville, VA, for one day to meet my uncle that I haven’t seen in a long time. He’s leaving at 5am on Sunday, so I’ll spend a short time with him. However, I’m sure it will be totally worth the trip.

Come back next week for the next journal! Thanks for reading!

Jose "Ro" Avila