Week 8: NASA on the Hill & SPS Intern Capitol Tour

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Friday, July 26, 2013


Nikki Sanford

Even though my internship with the Science Committee is winding down, the action and work in the office hasn’t slowed.  In addition to two hearings (one on EPA’s Hydraulic Fracturing Investigation and the other on the Future of Coal) I had the opportunity to experience a NASA on the Hill reception with the other Science Interns.

NASA set up exhibits and simulations throughout the Rayburn Foyer that displayed many of its current projects.  At one exhibit, I learned about spacesuit materials, and how they’ve evolved over the years.  I even got to try on several space glove designs!

Then on Friday, our fellow SPS Interns came to Capitol Hill to learn about where we work and what we do in the Science Committee.  After lunch at the Library of Congress with an amazing view overlooking DC, we brought them on a tour of the Capitol.  I love hearing the histories of the various rooms, and seeing the various statues on display, and I think the other interns greatly enjoyed the tour as well.  When we brought everyone over to our office at Ford, we were able to share a little more about our intern duties, they types of projects we’ve worked on, and the hearings/markups we’ve attended, during a small, informal Q&A session.

I’m looking forward to sharing insights from my experience this summer, during our very first Google Hangout on Monday, and seeing what’s in store during my last week with the Science Committee!

Nikki Sanford