Final Reflections: A great impact on my future plans

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Friday, August 9, 2013


Nikki Sanford

Starting Law School

I've been in law school for a little over three weeks now and it's off to a great start! Although the case readings and class lectures are definitely different from the physics/math courses I was used to, the analytical thinking skills I gained from them were excellent preparation for the logical case interpretations and rule applications that we discuss in class.

My Science Committee Internship this summer has proved to be extremely beneficial so far, towards my law studies. Research assignments, office memo writing, update meetings, and outreach/interviews are various skills that I've gained experience with this summer, and are all key topics in my legal writing and research classes. There is always a learning curve when applying skills learned in the classroom to real world situations, so it's immensely helpful that I've come into school with a handle on those basics, and experience with how they are utilized in an fast-paced work environment.

I'm sure my experience this summer will continue to have a great impact on my future plans as well, since it introduced me to many career options, opportunities, and great networking contacts. I learned so much about the Legislative Process, Congressional Staff duties, and how each person truly can have a significant influence. It's made me eager to be in a position where I can effect change and make a difference. I'm looking forward to these next 3 years, and seeing what the future has in store!

Nikki Sanford