Week 2: New Week, New Faces, New Perspectives

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Friday, June 14, 2013


Nikki Sanford

With upcoming hearings to prepare for, new projects coming up, calls coming in, papers to be delivered, receptions to be attended, and visitors stopping by, there is never a dull moment in the Committee office.

After attending a couple hearings last week, and witnessing all the action and excitement in person, I was most looking forward to watching the one held Wednesday, on ozone standards and their achievability. This time, watching the hearing from the office, while manning the front desk and recording video clips, I got to experience a whole new side of it. For one, the atmosphere was much more tranquil; the office was nearly empty, and I didn’t have to stay alert to assist staff or take photos. I was able to give my full attention to the statements, testimonies, and discussions.

Viewing it from this perspective also gave me a feel as to how much preparation and effort truly go into making these hearings successful. In addition to all the preparation materials and behind-the-scenes work during the hearing, there is just as much to be done afterwards. Video clips are edited, articles are written, and photographs are posted to promote awareness and discussion of the topic through news and social media. It amazes me how everything seems to run so smoothly, and I think it’s a testament to the Committee’s efficiency, organization, and dedication.

Another big event this week was the arrival of our 3rd intern, Katherine. It’s been fun having a new face in the office, and getting to know her these past few days. Next week, I’m looking forward to meeting our 4th and final summer intern, and for all the new projects and events that are bound to happen.

Nikki Sanford