Week 7: Delayed but not Forgotten

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Monday, July 27, 2020


Abigail Ambrose

Sorry this blog is delayed. I’ve had trouble writing a blog because of everything going on in the world. 

As far as intern activities go, things are going well. We are slowly winding down and there is still a lot to do. We had a lot of fun with our demo videos. And we even had some great conversations during our own happy hour. 

I’m going to keep this blog shorter than others because of why I am having trouble writing. I feel like there are a lot of voices that need to be heard in the world right now. So instead of spending more time talking about what is going on in the world I am going to go do some reading of ways I can help more and I invite anyone who has read this to do the same since things are so crazy right now. 

Abigail Ambrose