Week 5: Narrowing Accomplishments

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Monday, July 6, 2020


Abigail Ambrose

Happy end of week 5! We are somehow already halfway through the summer. Currently, I am working to narrow accomplishments so that only the most important are in the short biographies I am writing for the SOR Fellows. How do you gauge what is the most important accomplishments in somebody’s life? I seem to be struggling with this one more and more as I go on and see all of the amazing things these people have done. 

Another incredibly difficult thing is narrowing what scientific accomplishments are most influential and important to include. These accomplishments often include hundreds of publications, so just reading the titles can be overwhelming. I tried to dive in more to some of them and it was very interesting, but also a lot of information I am nowhere near familiar with. One paper I came across earlier this week even talked about bone scaffolds. I only hope I can accomplish so much one day as any of these people have. 

I spent my holiday weekend in the most exciting manner possible. I was packing for my move. (Somebody send help, please. I think I may have gotten lost in all of the boxes.) On Friday, I will be moving to Toledo, Ohio, where I begin my Ph.D. program in August. This coming week is going to be hectic, but when I am writing this blog next week I will be sitting in my new apartment. Exciting? Terrifying? Both? I guess we shall see. 

Abigail Ambrose