Week 4: Bad Physics Movie Night

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Monday, June 29, 2020


Abigail Ambrose

End of week four! With the end of week four I get to dive into some more science in order to better understand what the people I am writing biographies about have accomplished. Currently, I am reading a lot about foams which is something I haven’t particularly contemplated the physics of before.

On Friday, we had a bad physics movie night and watched The Core. If you can ignore all of the bad physics, it is quite a good movie. We were all truly shocked when we heard actual physics (specifically constructive interference). You know there is an enormous amount of bad physics if you are shocked at the one concept that is accurate. 

 This week I also got some packing done because I get to move into my apartment for grad school in a few weeks. What I have currently learned about myself is I have too many books and too many crafts. Luckily, I will still not be too far from home, so I am trying to not bring everything at once. Choices are hard though. 

I also had a phone call with the other first year astro students in my program. We get an attempt at qualifiers in September, so we did a call to study using the previous exams. All of us were much more interested in talking about whether there was an axion detection in Italy than how many degrees of freedom a double Atwood machine has. All I’ve learned is I vaguely remember how to do these problems, but I have some serious studying ahead of me. At least we got a little done this weekend. 

Abigail Ambrose