Week 3: Mountain Debates and Late Nights

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Abigail Ambrose

Week 3 is over? It feels like we are speeding through these weeks. With the end of week three, I am done condensing biographies (at least for now) and am moving along to writing some myself. New fun fact, I learned that Andy Kraynik, the president of the Society of Rheology from 2005-2007, enjoys birding and making stained glass. Alas, I have yet to find more cat pictures, but I am looking. Or maybe some dogs next time…

As for intern activities, we had our call on Wednesday night to hang out. I remember telling myself I would go to bed at a reasonable time before getting on so that I wouldn’t be tired for my video call with my mentor the next morning. Apparently, I am bad at listening to my past promises and stayed on the call until midnight. We were discussing everything from Pride to what mountains are better, Smoky’s versus Rocky’s. We even ended up with virtual backgrounds of mountains behind us. 

My week also included my Saturday morning trip to the farmers’ market in my hometown. I sell handmade jewelry, hair scrunchies, and decorated cups. This week the scrunchies were once again a big hit, so in my free time I will be working on sewing some more this week. I have some space themed fabric I’ve been excited to use, so hopefully I can get to that soon!

Abigail Ambrose