Week 4: Attempt 3

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Monday, June 28, 2021


Alan Wright

Due to various computer problems, this is the third time I'm writting this blog posting (and hopefully the last).

I spent the beginning of the week at home because I went back to suprise my dad for Father's day. Overnight there was a tornado warning, but it never got clsoe so we were ok. It was alright working from home. I had a nice view and Emmett (pictured below) helped me out with spreadsheets and whatnot. I missed the intern hangout because I was driving back to Purdue, but if we do one today, I'll be sure to attend.

For the internship I got some more work this week involving the quantum computing workshop at the end of July. I now have a detailed list of the topics, so I can better find helpful additional resources for the attendees. I also found out that I can go to Washington DC for the workshop. I'm excited to finally be able to do something in-person and meet some of the people I have been working with.

At the end of the week I went home again. it was nice to see friends, family, and of course Emmett. On Saturday there were a couple more tornados nearby, so I guess it's bad luck for me to go home.

Working from home

Alan Wright