Week 7: Party Time

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Sunday, July 18, 2021


Alan Wright

I had lots of fun this week. First, my old roomate, who I didn't think I'd see again for a while, made a suprise visit at the end of the week. Then a few of us went to a ramen place to celebrate a friend's brithday. Saturday was my birthday, and I saw several of my friends, some of whom came as a surprise. I went home today to celebrate with my family, and I'm really looking forward to my mom's strawberry rhubarb pie, the best kind of pie.

There were a few things I did for the internship this week. First, I put my demo video together for the intern demo competition. I was originally going to do a diffraction demo by shining a laser at a hair, but then I saw that it was already on the SPS website. I decided to change my demo to an ice-melting demo that one of my professors had done before. The other intern activity this week was the resume workshop by Dr. Crystal Bailey. I thought she was really helpful, and it made the process of putting together a resume and applying for jobs much less intimidating.

For my AAPT work, I've continued to help with preparations for the quantum computing workshop. I leave for DC in one week! On Satuday I also attended the STEP-UP summit, and like the other STEP-UP events I've been to, it was interesting to learn more about the things that women and minorities face in the field and what we can do as high school teachers to help alleviate the issues. I hope I can continue to be involved with these types of things when I am a teacher myself.

Alan Wright