Week 10: The End

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Thursday, August 12, 2021


Alan Wright

Well I completely forgot about this last blog post. The internship is all over now, and the symposium went well. I really liked seeing all the other interns present, and I hope I have the chance to meet them in person sometime.

I also attended the AAPT summer meeting that last week. The K-12 lounge social hours were great, I watched some interesting sessions in the meeting, and I moderated a discussion panel myself. My panel was about how high school teachers can better prepare students for college physics, and my panelists were some of the other interns. They all did a great job answering questions, and I think we had some good discussion with the teachers.

I really enjoyed my internship with AAPT. It really inspired me even more to be a teacher. Now I'm looking forward to my next school year and transitioning into a graduate program, but I'll enjoy the last bit of summer I have left. In the last couple days I've gone for a bike ride along the lakeshore in Chicago and gone to the Indiana state fair.

Thank you to everyone involved for making this experience possible this summer.

Alan Wright