Week 3: The Value of Science

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Friday, June 21, 2013


Nikki Sanford

I’ve always heard that a science degree can get you anywhere. We all know that a math/science degree is excellent preparation for the extremely vital, significant careers in research, engineering, technology and other technical fields. However, it’s not always obvious how useful and applicable it can be for almost anything. Having recently graduated with math and physics degrees I’m starting to fully realize the truth behind that statement.

Finishing up my third week with the committee, I’ve been helping with hearings, working on projects for staff, doing administrative duties, and dealing with new issues and situations that come up each day. It doesn’t necessarily seem like upper level science courses such as Modern Physics or Differential Equations would be beneficial at all with those tasks, but surprisingly, they can be.

While the content of what I learned in those kinds of classes may not always be of much use, it is the concepts and methods developed through learning the content that are applicable. STEM courses are excellent for teaching analytical thinking, coming up with creative solutions when unexpected problems arise, and seeing connections between many concepts and ideas. Those are skills needed in any and every career, and in my short time with the Committee so far they’ve definitely been helpful.

There’s rarely a straightforward formula or instructions to find a solution to the projects and problems that arise. Yet, knowing how to think logically, adapt, and be creative are the best ways to solve just about anything. I definitely developed those skills throughout my studies, and that is why I truly believe that a science degree will be helpful for all future endeavors.

Nikki Sanford