Week 1: Getting Started

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Sunday, June 6, 2021


Alan Wright

This was the first week of the internship. It is unfortunately still virtual, but I will be enjoying my summer at Purdue University. Even though we're online, I have already gotten to meet a lot of new people including AIP and SPS leadership and staff, the other interns, my mentor, and many in the AAPT community. We have even managed to have a few intern social events, including a game night and bad physics movie night, where we watched Ant Man go to the quantum realm. These activities have been great for getting to know the others in an online environment, and I hope we can meet up in person some day.

My internship with AAPT has so far involved orientation and getting familiar with all the projects going on. One of the big projects include helping AAPT become a registered professional development provider in individual states, which is not a trivial task since each state has its own requirements. Other projects involve helping with a quantum workshop and the AAPT summer meeting. This weekend I also had the opportunity to attend a STEP UP summit, where I learned about the national initiative to to help teachers inspire more women to pursue physics. Overall, I am excited to be a part of the AAPT team, and my mentors have been really helpful.

Alan Wright