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Sensing Focus

by Ronald E. Kumon, SPS Chapter Advisor, Kettering University B

Our Department of Natural Sciences at Kettering University is considering initiating an interdisciplinary engineering degree program in sensors. In response, our Physics Club organized a series of sensor-themed meetings for the spring 2023 term. Physics Club president Wenchao Liu, a mechanical engineering student, kicked off the series with a presentation on sensors for autonomous vehicles. Other talks encompassed physics, engineering, mathematics, and computer programming, and brought students and faculty together to discuss the role sensors play in some important and emerging applications. The club hopes to get into some hands-on sensor projects soon!

A Collective Crushing

by Kate Luerken, SPS Chapter Officer, with the other SPS Chapter Officers, University of Oregon

Steven van Enk is a physics professor at the University of Oregon and a national FIDE Master—the third-highest title a player can achieve from the International Chess Federation. Many of our students are avid chess players, so when one wanted to play Professor van Enk, SPS made it happen. We held an event where 10 SPS members played him at once! We didn’t earn any bragging rights, though. Professor van Enk won all 10 games! 

Chapter report excerpts have been edited for clarity and length.


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Chapter Shorts