Student Lounges

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Student Lounges

Colorado School of Mines


Image courtesy of Elizabeth Buchheim.

For their 2021 Halloween celebrations, Colorado School of Mines SPS members made hand-drawn ghosts representing fellow SPS members and physics faculty. 

Augustana College

Augustana College SPS recently renovated its club room. Members helped choose furniture and decorated the room together. They rearranged tables, put up a new whiteboard, hung posters, and strung up club T-shirts from
over the years.

Cal Poly Pomona

A corner of Cal Poly Pomona’s club room is covered in pictures of previous members and events, some of which date back to the early ‘80s!

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology’s Physics Activity Center (PAC), where SPS members and others hang out and study, was shuttered during the pandemic. As in-person classes resumed, SPS immediately set to work bringing the PAC back to its former glory, installing shelves and clearing clutter. Of course, the main attraction is the inexpensive snacks made available by the chapter!

Check out the SPS statement on the importance of student spaces at If your group is looking to secure a common area, reach out to sps [at] for a letter of support!


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