'Future Faces' in 2012

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Stars - SPS Awards and Accolades

'Future Faces' in 2012

Introducing the 2013 Future Faces of Physics Award Winners

The Future Faces of Physics Awards fund SPS chapter projects that promote physics across different cultures and engage groups that are traditionally underrepresented in physics—such as African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, females, and people with disabilities. Six chapters received the award for projects to be carried out this year:

University of Southern Mississippi

Continuing the Mentoring Program for First-Year, First-Generation Physics Students
With a 2012 Future Faces of Physics Award, the University of Southern Mississippi SPS chapter developed a mentoring program to help first-generation physics students with some of the challenges they encounter during their first year of college. This 2013 award will continue that project. Almost half of all first-generation physics majors at the University of Southern Mississippi change their field of study after their first year in the physics program.

Stephen F. Austin State University

SPS Brings Physics to the Solid Foundation
Stephen F. Austin’s SPS chapter is partnering with the Solid Foundation Association to host a community lecture series once a month that will include physics demonstrations and hands-on projects. The Solid Foundation Association was developed to empower at-risk children and young learners.

Indian Wesleyan University

Physics Outreach to Minority and Underrepresented Middle School Kids in Rural North Central Indiana
The Indiana Wesleyan University chapter of SPS will reach out to the rural community of North Central Indiana to stimulate interest in physics-based careers among middle school students from minority and financially disadvantaged groups. The city of Marion and surrounding smaller towns belong to Grant County, an area that has suffered dramatic poverty rates due to closure of several manufacturing plants and the loss of thousands of jobs.

Morehouse College

Physics in the Phlesh: Project Ruben’s Tube
The purpose of the Physics in the Phlesh community engagement initiative is working with a local youth development organization to provide individualized mentoring and exposure to young students of Atlanta’s lower-income communities. The first activity will be the construction of a Ruben’s tube, an apparatus that visualizes sound waves using flames.

Angelo State University

ALPHAS: Alta Loma Peers Helping the Advancement of Science
The purpose of this program is to create and maintain a partnership between the Angelo State University Society of Physics Students and Alta Loma Elementary School for the purpose of advancing science education. With some of the lowest test scores in the district, Alta Loma is the epitome of a school in need of positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Drexel University

Engaging Girls in Physics: Expanding Horizons through Outreach to All-Girls Schools
In order to encourage more women to pursue physics, Drexel University’s SPS chapter will create three types of outreach events: one for middle school girls, one for high school girls, and a workshop for the 2013 Swarthmore CATALYST Conference, a conference designed to foster an appreciation for science, math, and engineering in 7th and 8th grade girls.

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Stars - SPS Awards and Accolades